The tradition of the company Heltos Ltd. began in Slavonice in the beginning of the 30th years throw establishing of the a metal production firm. To upsurge of the machine production got about the year 1960, when the lathes were manufactured and repaired here. The pillar and bench drilling machines began to manufacture in 1972 and from this year the firm called PKD Dačice, place of business Slavonice is full engaged in manufacturing and selling of the drilling machines. In 1996 slipped a transfer of posession from state to private ownership and tradition production program of the drilling machines range 16, 20, 32 undertook a new-rising limited company Heltos Slavonice.

For the traditional drilling machines range of 16, 20, 32 link to drilling machines range of 25 and 40 - they were developed in program Technos. Program Technos forms two basic types: range 25 - Sirius and Taurus - specified for drilling to diameter 25 mm, range 40 - Castor and Pollux - specified for drilling to diameter 40 mm. All of this drilling machines have competend qualities of previous ranges. The primary transmission is realized by the assistance of mechanical if need be by elastic transmission.The machines are constructed as a brick-box that according to wish of our customer we are able to supply them with diverse variants. The base creates not divisible drilling head what ensure extraordinary toughness of machine.temp_54.jpg

The automatic coupling is used for the automatic connection and disconection of the feed. Bedsides, priorities of our drilling machines are the automatic coupling of automatic feed, simple drifting of machine and multirotary engine. These machine combine their havy duty frame with operational reliability. They are designed for drilling, reaming and thread cutting in booth single-part and series production. They re suplied with step speed change variation gearbox with hand power feed. The headstock is vertically adjustable and revolving on the pillar. Our products are constructed to observe the EU-regulations. To another well-tried products of the limited company Heltos belong a cross tables, which in the combination with digital measuring ensure high accuracy by machining of all products Heltos Ltd. Slavonice is a member of the Union of producers and suppliers of machine technique Praque.