Special accessories


Special accessories
cross table 2101 for all types
Heltos set tools for all types
cooling equipment for Canis, Vega
universal table 1046x640x842 for all types
clamping plate 440x540 for VS32, VS40
clamping plate 320x320 for VS20B, VS25, Canis, Vega
machine vice SS100 for all types
threading unit for V25,VS25 SIRIUS / TAURUS
for VS40-420/430 Castor, VS40-470/480 Pollux

Heltos set tools

- the set enebles to carry out basic working activity. The set can be on wish of customer extended or reduced.


Heltos set tools
Drill set (o 6 - 32 mm) 12 ks
Machine vice SS 100 1 ks
Screw M12 + washer, nut M12 2 ks
Chuck o 16 mm 1 ks
Mandrel 18 x 3 1 ks
Knock-out wedge 1 ks
Reduction sleeve 4/3 1 ks
Reduction sleeve 4/2 1 ks
Reduction sleeve 3/2 1 ks
Reduction sleeve 3/1 1 ks
Lifting crank 1 ks
Open-end wrench 18x21 1 ks
Heltos crate 1 ks


CLASSIC machine vice size 160

Machine vice SS100

Camping plate
Plate, which is located on the basic plate of the machine extends the possibility for working of bigger sizes of workpieces.

Clamping plate for VS32,VS40

Clamping plate for VS20,VS25


The Gross table is designed for setting of the whole spacings and small milling of workpieces clamped into the camping plate of the table. Extended possibilities of drilling machine about exact cutting in axis X and Y.



clamping area mm 400 x 240
high of table mm 150
T-cutting quant./width/spacing ks/mm/mm 3 x 12 x 63
Longitudinal feed X mm 300
Cross feed Y mm 200
Adjustmnet accuracy mm 0,1
Weight kg 75
max. weight of workpiece kg 75

The table is using under bench drilling machines, for satisfy conditions of operator including placing useful tools to the inside racks and stacker places.

Special accessories